Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow things have Changed

ITS BEEN A LONG WHILE ...............
Well it has been a long while from the last time I have been able to blog.As things have changed. My oldest Son has meet a lovely Girl and fell in love and has moved out.Starting a life on his own!so they have lovely little flat not far from me,and fairly close to her mom too which that's good for their first place.Some ask me how does that feel? to have your oldest move out?? Ha ha I have to laugh as its the best feeling ever, as he was ready to move out, if he was younger i might be worried but he is 23 and has a strong willed,and mind of his own, it was the right time for him too.But Its really wonderful feeling to have them over every now and then, Sunday Lunches! midweek chats,and we are able to go visit them in their new place! I love it.
Its great to be able to see them flourish in life, getting a place to live , and fix it up! just they way they like it and want it to be right down to the carpet ,wallpaper, paint and plates,cups and hand towels! Remember your first place that you moved in too? Gosh I sure do and the freedom that you had,and to be able to have friends around to entertain. Good times ahead of them!


My creative place (my craft-room has moved into the house , so that the Salon space can expand into the craft space, Now that it has moved up Stairs into my oldest Sons Room, in now YIPPEE!!! my New Craft-room and boy it is Heavenly. I have moved the Cubed Shelving (expedite) into the room and a lovely pine side-board as seen here this was the place i wanted the cube to go,

but the place I wanted to place the cube was get this 1 centimeter too big, (ARGHH) so I ended up putting the cube in front of the window and I love it there with the Light pouring in through the glass with all the pretty things inside illuminating with sparkling splendor seeing the light beaming prisms shooting out from it. Spreading a very ch earful warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I have loads of built In's to store things in so more of what i make can be showcased for others to see and appreciate
but then i needed a space to have my kids/friends come and join me , as i love to create with others around me as they inspire me to make beautiful things! Beautiful friends/family who cant be inspired to make beautiful things when a person such as myself be blessed with the friends.
So i was looking for something that i could use for my new craft space for others to join me , A friend of mine was talking about her office was closing down and maybe a possibility of getting some of those tables , but I kinda felt that it would be a no . It was but hey that's OK; God reminding me of something a bit more special to me

The legs where about to fall off , so I got out the Screwdriver and gave a couple of turns on all the loose screws ( that would be all of them on every leg) it figures, So my kids Serena,Sorcha and my little guy Gabriel were my little helpers rotating the table so i could fix each leg . and covered it placed some flowers on it and instant pretty, I since then have changed the table cloth to be a wipe-able surface and then got a clear cover to go over that so i could put photos underneath for inspiration when i saw the photos i want to use