Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope that everyone has a very safe Happy Merry Christmas as I will be at home this year my mother in law is here with us it's been 4 years sence our last time with her it should be nice .
Last night I had to park the car in our driveway but the road was ice and so was our driveway !
Very comical to see my husband and son trying to help me get the car parked to salt to shoveling snow to pushing the car in the drive way
We nearly didn't get home , our road was full of snow and ice !
And still is

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peace on Earth


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Friday, December 18, 2009

My Cricut arrived from USA

My First Cut tags cartridge George and basic shapes

My butterfly mini scrapbook

And my own design snail

my best friend Lesley desinged this I made it

A catipillar mini see YouTube videos

My son Gabriel in his chritmas nativity play he is a star

Then he was roudolph for his school party

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wow so much has gone on

Where to start !!! Well a few weeks ago my oldest daughter Serena was in school and she was getting ready for PE ,she was holding on to a door frame where the door met it (henged) side of the door and in that room was the library ! Serena was in the school hall way ! Well two boys had a fight in the lirary due to on of the boys was being a bully and the other boy had enough of it and stood up grabedhis chair whent to throw it at the bully but he ran out the door slammed it on my daughter Serena's finger ( her wedding ring finger left hand second finger in from the left forth finger from the right) the power from the slamming of the door had cut off the tip of her finger just below the nail and just above the first knuckle !!!!! Our poor baby oh lord I cried out save her finger it's her wedding finger ! My husband went to the school right away as I heard an ambulance coming and then I got word it was for Serena I was in shock it they don't send an ambulance unless it's really bad well I ended up waiting a minute because I am a total whimp and pass out at the sight of blood ! Well it was bad as I said up above her finger was cut off Richard saw it all and was their for her ! I walked in after they had it wrapped up , they where great the school and the ambulace (parametics, staff at school ) my husband went with her to our local hospital when they wanted to cut more off her finger !!!! WHAT????! When they saved the tip it was still intack No way oh I was so mad mad at the medical staff take the easy way out cut off her covanent finger her marriage finger NO !!! We got a second oppionon at a childrens hospital Thank You Jesus ! they saved it ! God is so faithful so now Serena has her finger healing

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Well today has been .......

Well todasy has been busy today. I bhave finished 4 videos and uploaded them to youtube , after a few attempts to upload them , youtube had error messages it was just really driving me nuts. so after i managed to get the videos uploaded of a few mini books i have completed ,

Ice Cream Cone mini
Twas the night before Christmas 8x8
The Secret Garden 8x8 t
and the Love Mini album 8x8

whew !!!! I have been sick for the last 2 weeks with Glandular fever , whom i got it from my best friends little girl, they thought she had the flu but hey maybe for her it was , but i got the glandular fever really bad. not fun sore throat , fever, swollen glands ,and the itcy rash that seem to like to travel . I itched so bad i ended up scratching my hand raw leaving a not very nice scab.

Well now my oldest daughter has it she is doing much better then I did, no rash for her.

I have really been wanting a cricut so bad i can taste it i have wanted one of these for years but just could never aford it and never really knowing what they did untill really this last year.

I have asked for it for christmas not sure if i am going to get it being with its price tag on itbut we shall see i said to my family nothing else for christmas just this so if they all have to pitch in for it i shall be ever so happy , i really do want this little machine .

Let see hummmmm is there anything else to talk about hummmm

Oh yeah I also have been watching these other lovely women on youtube and their bloggs , and thinking wow mini book swaps wow too cool I am so hoping that i can get some lovely ladies to swap minis with a group of ladies for the swap
it might only end up being me with someone else if so thats ok we can make it grow from there.

so if your interested in join in the mini swap thats great here is what i am wanting to do

I need ladies or gentle men who love to scrapbook and love to bless others with what they make.
the object of this group is to use what you have rather the,cereal boxes any type of card board that you can alter , The idea is to create a mini book with the items you have on hand or that you can go and buy yourself ,and making a beautiful work of Art that you would be proud to receive yourself.
also be willing to ship it to the other person
I do hope to make up kits for the group in the near future but for now i want to keep it easy and simple and just keep it fun .
As i am just learning about swaps,
if your interested please email me at
i would love to hear from you this is what i will need from you to take part of the group

your name
male or female
mailing address
email address
facebook name
youtube name
and your blog name
likes and dislikes

your facebook ,youtube and blogs all have to be active accounts that you use all the time
you will have to add the group to yourfriends list
there are a few spaces left. hurry !!!! dont miss out

new new new minis posted on youtube

hello there wow i have been so busy making mini books , so i have posted some videos of my new minis i have made in the last two weeks !

Monday, November 9, 2009

my new minis are posted on my youtube

hello there i have a few new minis that are posted now in my youtube videos have alook there is a link below

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mini book swap

wrell i have so far 5 members that are doing a swap for the end of this month , if you are interested they are still spaces left and if you live in the UK please contact me

Monday, October 26, 2009

check out this great blog

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Foggy day

Well it's the start of the half term holidays so the kids will be off for a week
So I will be able to get orginized for the next term

And here is My Hubby first thing this morning

Today is a sad day for my friends who father has had a brian hemorage and they found out no brian activity with the scan and the fathers request is don't revive me , His wife and their 15 children are talking about if they pull the lifesupport a heart wrenching delimma please pray for the family and his wife too as this isn't easy for her to cope with this

My little file folder box

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gate open mini book

This mini is made with dove craft papers , butterflies are made by poundlands source Funtastic
Adhesive is power prit gell

This is a Christmas ornament

Tags are handmade papers with hand made to match the next page that was for paper mania sweet nothings

Flower s hand beaded applicays

Hand made tags to fit in raised butterfly

I destressed this flower top with a purple shimmer glitter glue

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Candy corn mini that I designed

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday was Serena 9th birthday and today is Sorcha's 8th here is Serenas piccy

looking to start a new mini scrapbook swap group

awhhhh i am so inspired by the women that do mini books swaps , ccc,tws,and ggs, and so many more all of these women in these groups have inspired me to start a mini book swap here in the UK , if your interested in do this with me email me, and If i get enough girls interested we will start the group,
its really about the thought, the time and the sweat and tears that goes in to these books and all the wonderful women who work so hard to make beautiful works of art to help tell a story of our lives to hand down to the generations to come.
if you want to be a part of a scrap-booking group online to help inspire others then email me

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sneek peek at my wax art mini

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gate open mini scrapbooks


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