Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have created two Acrylic scrapbooks and a scrapbook made from JVC video cassette cases (not just JVC but all brands )
as you can see below the two acrylic scrapbooks are made from Plexi glass ,and laminated sheets decorated with the mind of a see through book and pages while making these books you have to not only crate the page but the page behind it and eather cover or mask what you have done or to allow to show through the other side and also not putting much through the laminator as you will have a very smelly sticky mess and could potinually ruin your laminator , just keeping those things in mind while your creating
the plex glass sheets i got from Ebay they where 8x10 form but i was able to cute them down in to 4 pieces making sure that they are well messured out to match to use as the outer parts of you book , then you embellish at the end with the things that you like
tip also make sure that you use glue dots to hold it or doble sided sticky tape to hold it down things will be see though
then to use ribbion or gems or what ever you like sillicon glue works good too
pva glue works well but keep in mind your down time waiting for the glues to dry

the scrapbook that you see down below of a little girl on the front cover ( sticker)
that was used from the JVC covers cut down the sides of the boxes leaving the front and back of them ( the rest you can use for your kids to make stuff out of )or just throw away if you like
then making sure that you cover the whole item i used double sided sticky tape to put the cover on making sure i covered it all then i trimmed off the edges and embellished then i found my cropadile and punched holes in it and then put the metel rings on then decorate with ribbons and photos


Thursday, May 29, 2008

people are funny

Well hello there ! i was just sitting here thinking about friends , family and loved ones near and far and thinking how awsome it is to have them how ever close they are .
but I was also thinking about People and how funny that they are , some think that they really do know you and know all about you , when really DO they ? the answer is probably not !
See i have learned this week that really no one knows me or really understands me Like JESUS does !
Jesus really knows every ouce of my very being , and you know what he loves all of me too < not just a little piece of me ,not just oh well i think that Sasha has done some awsome stuff today so i think i will love her for now , No he loves me for all of me no mater if i work hard , play hard and live my life to its fullest , he stil loves me all of me . the only thing he doesnt like is the sin I carried that he even loved me so much that he Died on the cross for me ! WOW awsome stuff , i have been a christian for well over 36 years , but i had back slidden a time or two , but really he loved me through that time too .
Jesus is the same today , tomarrow , and forever more ! Jesus out surpasses anything that any one or anything can or could throw in your dierection . even if people cant see what GOd is doing , going to do for you !