Friday, March 28, 2008

my latest project that i am working on

well i found out a few months back that my wedding album that i worked so hard to get finished years ago was ruinned all becasue someone never shut my scrapbook door when they entered it . well needledd to say its now under lock and key . no one enters it unless i give them the key to get in. but ohhh the damp weather , rain and wind totalled my wedding album, why you ask wasnt it in the house well it was crowed with other pages waiting for a stand by books to go in to you know you say i will get another book and then your totally forget all about it and move on to other new photos to get them sorted but now i have a massive back logs to do but i will share photos when i get things done .
the last book was full of mold and runined photos and wooohoo Praise the LORD becasue i found two more sets of wedding photos that i can use so i havent lost any photos at all.

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