Thursday, May 29, 2008

people are funny

Well hello there ! i was just sitting here thinking about friends , family and loved ones near and far and thinking how awsome it is to have them how ever close they are .
but I was also thinking about People and how funny that they are , some think that they really do know you and know all about you , when really DO they ? the answer is probably not !
See i have learned this week that really no one knows me or really understands me Like JESUS does !
Jesus really knows every ouce of my very being , and you know what he loves all of me too < not just a little piece of me ,not just oh well i think that Sasha has done some awsome stuff today so i think i will love her for now , No he loves me for all of me no mater if i work hard , play hard and live my life to its fullest , he stil loves me all of me . the only thing he doesnt like is the sin I carried that he even loved me so much that he Died on the cross for me ! WOW awsome stuff , i have been a christian for well over 36 years , but i had back slidden a time or two , but really he loved me through that time too .
Jesus is the same today , tomarrow , and forever more ! Jesus out surpasses anything that any one or anything can or could throw in your dierection . even if people cant see what GOd is doing , going to do for you !

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