Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wow so much has gone on

Where to start !!! Well a few weeks ago my oldest daughter Serena was in school and she was getting ready for PE ,she was holding on to a door frame where the door met it (henged) side of the door and in that room was the library ! Serena was in the school hall way ! Well two boys had a fight in the lirary due to on of the boys was being a bully and the other boy had enough of it and stood up grabedhis chair whent to throw it at the bully but he ran out the door slammed it on my daughter Serena's finger ( her wedding ring finger left hand second finger in from the left forth finger from the right) the power from the slamming of the door had cut off the tip of her finger just below the nail and just above the first knuckle !!!!! Our poor baby oh lord I cried out save her finger it's her wedding finger ! My husband went to the school right away as I heard an ambulance coming and then I got word it was for Serena I was in shock it they don't send an ambulance unless it's really bad well I ended up waiting a minute because I am a total whimp and pass out at the sight of blood ! Well it was bad as I said up above her finger was cut off Richard saw it all and was their for her ! I walked in after they had it wrapped up , they where great the school and the ambulace (parametics, staff at school ) my husband went with her to our local hospital when they wanted to cut more off her finger !!!! WHAT????! When they saved the tip it was still intack No way oh I was so mad mad at the medical staff take the easy way out cut off her covanent finger her marriage finger NO !!! We got a second oppionon at a childrens hospital Thank You Jesus ! they saved it ! God is so faithful so now Serena has her finger healing

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