Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hello , its been ages ! hello everyone , how are you ? I hope that you all have been in good health . Have any of you been busy crafting , scrapbooking , enjoying your summer ?
Well the kids have been let out from school its been raining almost non stop ! the kids are feed up with no Sun shine to play in , I have been a bit feed up too , I know the rain helps make England so beautiful , but come one GOD give us some sun shine for the kids to go and do all their things that they want to do . join me in prayer for this one lol please lol .
As It continues to pour down the rain , the creativity tho seems to be flowing hot off the press , i supose this is a good thing , but i do know that when i got this room all organized i now know where things are , and got things out of packages , and i found a paper sorter , from a craft supply shop that had sadly closed down due to the economy its always sad to see the small shops struggling , but the blessing is that they are still online . but i got this paper sorter from them to help organized all my papers keep looking as i am uploads loads of photos from my scraproom

Well here is what i have been up to remodeling ,cleaning out my salon and scraproom I have taken some immages to show you , I still need to paint it but waiting for a warmer day as I would have to take things outside to paint it

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