Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wax art

Here are just a few of my wax art , you will also see my oldest son making his first try at the old art form of wax art.

I put on worship music while I work the art work turns out even more amazing

Wax art you need high gloss card stock
Old hot travel iron to use olny on this
Wax blocks for this art esaly found online you can use crayons but you will need a lower temp on iron remember it's hot wax and a iron not for children
You will need news paper old rags to clean iron

Justin is applying wax to the iron taking care of his fingers not to touch the hot wax or hot iron.

Then place the loaded waxed hot iron over the paper pull , wiggle, pat how ever you want to make it

Justins making a heart

I looking to make a teaching video for this just trying to find the time to do it in

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