Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Missing in Action

Hello ,

everyone so sorry I have been missing in Action , just busy with everyday life.
I have been watching and performing myself in a few things ,

I had performed at the local musical festival singing with the community choir,

The big top where both my daughter and I performed

The Kings Table

and every Thursday My husband and I lead teams of people from our church in ministring for the needy in spirit and in company and food! in our local community its called The Kings Table its where they can get feed a hot meal served to them as you would be on a night out in town, we have a great team of people that can help them with a list of things,

YouTube Video

my youngest son Gabriel is about to start school

(kindergarden) in september and his 4th birthday
(Gabriels Marbel art )

My Daughter Serena's finger is totally healed now , as she has been playing her violin

beautifully. Serena was just in a Music festival in our local area.

she is now been moved up to 1st group 1st Chair we are so proud of her! As we as her best friend and cousin Lauren

And my youngest Daughter Sorcha is playing the flute and giving up her the violin for the next year to make more room for her mastering the flute.
My oldest Son Justin has lost his lovely girlfriend to her fight to cancer, Becca has touched us all
her love and her courage to fight it! she was a lovely lady , they where wanting to get married in October this year ! she was 20 years old with loads of dreams and desires , but her dreams will still live on in Heaven with Jesus !
Just remember to love those that you have around you today life is just too short to have any thing holding you back from Entering in to Heaven ! Forgive those who have hurt you or who has done anything to you! Have you hugged your kids , husband , mother , wife friends ,family?? if not do it with out delay , If you dont know JESUS and would like to please don't hesitate to ask me!
Loosing someone that you love at such a young age or older age is never easy ! its important to grieve if you have lost someone but not to dwell on it ! Instead try to do something that would honour their life , My son Justin is doing just that he is making plans to do all the things they had planned and that he had promised her to do , and that was to live his life for God and to do things in his life that would honour her to move on but to still hold her close to his heart.When we found out about Becca's health was not good and she was diagnosed with Cancer( lymphnode)
the doctors gave her 3 months to live Becca out lived that 3 months to 16 months and during that time she had to fogive those that hurt her ! Forgiveness is the key , but the greatest gift that we have is to love and to love unconditionally so please with out delay to love those around you!
and Love yourself too !!! becasue remember JESUS first loved us !

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