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everyone sorry its been ages sence i last blogged, i have been so busy, but things have slowed down for a few months,hoping to get more Creative work posted on my blog, and just general, blog more,about more things i was going to try video blogging but maybe once a week or so if i can remember too lol.I think that for now I will just blog on here and get to doing this and used to it again

Well here is a bit of a update
Kids , well the kids are growing fast i just got their school photos back , i finaly gave in and let them take photos at the school after two years banning them due to the school photograpgher was so rude, very unprofessional, and just put me off for last year,But I am trained Photograother as well as a Make up artist / Creative Paper Artist , so i would just take photos of my own kids rather then deal with them , but something this year just made me try the schools Photographer again, so i did and I was delighted with the out come the Photographer was a lovely young lady who was very lovely first time shot was perfect she really captured their lovely smiles and twinkles in the their eyes i was so pleased!! SO pleased we have decided to buy them. I still take some of my own but these are really good the ones i take will just be for fun.

Lol even got my husband lol

KINGS TABLE , well Its almost been a year with Kings table sence we started the feeding programme at our local church ,
one draw back is that staff member numbers are down, but its been good becasue the people numbers the we serve has been down too! ( due to the cold summer time and the number will pick up) we are now starting to get some awesome responce from the people that we feed, they let us pray for them, help them fill out paper work, open and pour out their hearts to us, we also give them food parcels if they need food and clothing too
We average feed on a Thursday night 18 people

My self and Mandy Hill
GLORY GIRLS - well this is new for you to hear this but its so exciting for me to share
in October this last year our church had its first womens conference and a very special friend of mine and I had work shops My friend Mandy Hill had the first work shop making cards

mandy's cards

,while i was working in the beauty cutting hair, then the second stream Mandy stayed on to give me a hand with my work shop called Prophetic Scrapbooking , it was about taking those words that you get and making them come to life (inspirational class) it was great the ladies loved it. from that we have another ladies conference that we are going to do in april at a church ferther away,
and we have just did our second conference (day) it is great being able to get our names known out there! we have also been

My goodies

teaching a craft class at a elderly day center, the ladies love it, they cant pay us , but we are having loads of fun, but the greatest bonus is theey love it when we come lol one of the ladies took my demo book and clammed it for herself lol and would not give it back for anything lol I tried to get her to make one just like it she wanted no part in it lol she only wanted mine that I just made for class demo lol nex ttime will see if they wil let me take a photo of them lolfor you to see they are just too cute
Things I have painted




A mini scrapbook

My lovely funny husband lol
One day I just asked him some thing and he turned around and gave me this look I was aching from laughing so hard it still makes me laugh

A article in local paper about how hubby and I met

Creativity I have been working like mad in mass production of making mini books in several different sizes.
My iPhone cases I make

YouTube Video

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