Friday, December 14, 2012


ok my last entry was all about changes ! well there seems to be so many more changes sence my last post! , well I have had to move from our house do to our landlord wanting their home back! bummer but times are ruff but its enabled us to find the house of my Dreams altho its so so small, so tiny! but also a very lovely home at that and here it is
my house its the Thatched cute little one in the middle with the green bush infron of the window! well its bigger inside then what it looks like from the outside , however is so lovely having a smaller home to care for! a much better nieghbour hood to raise the kids inas well as Schools.what to see inside? i have done alot of Shabby chic with the inside
the view from my front door lol peek a boo i see some little kids lol
isnt the house cute , we love it ! its a 14th Centery Thatched home if you would like to see more photos just ask! now that I have time too blog more I will , but i need to get off here to do some Christmas Cards !


Susan T said...

Ooooh, it IS dreamy and very charming. Something you'd never find in the U.S. I'm jealous!


awe thank you Susan , but there are lovely cute houses through out the usa , ( saying that becasue i am American and used to live in a really cute tiny cottage there ) tucked away,

Big Ideas said...

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